International Gliding Competition
18m and 15m Class
August 15 - 27, 2017
Leszno, Poland 

Winners of LC 2014:
Janusz Centka
glider:ASG 29 E
Dariusz Czech
glider:LAK 19


Online registration is available for all pilots starting from 8th February 2017.
Please follow carefully all online instructions in order to be registered by 10th July 2017 as the latest.
The entry will only be accepted when full entry fee, according to Bulletin no.1, has been credited to the Aeroklub Leszno account.

Number of Entries

The number of entries during Leszno Cup 2017 will be limited to a maximum of 50 gliders in a class and a maximum of 100 gliders in all classes plus winners of the last Leszno Cup competition. In case of more entries than these limits, the organizer reserves the right to reduce the number of entries by using selection criteria in following priority order:
1. The number of Leszno Cup competitions flown in the past;
2. The pilot's actual IGC Ranking List position as by 10th July 2017. 

Winners of Leszno Cup 2016 are automatically qualified and will be admitted in addition to the above limits, but they must, however, follow the online registration procedures as other pilots. We trust you understand that such criteria must have been introduced in order to deal with the possible over registration in a fair way.


no. name: country: glider type: Reg. No. Contest No. class acceptance
1 Dariusz Czech Poland LAK 19 Sp-3712 DC 15m 2016-02-08
2 Andrzej Smielkiewicz PL ASG29E D-KNDY A2 18m 2017-05-08
3 Rory Ellis United Kingdom ASG29Es G-NYNE 9 18m 2017-05-08
4 Robert Gwadera Switzerland Ventus 2cT HB-2337 NA 18m 2017-05-08
5 Labusga Waldemar Germany LS 8 D-3680 LW 15m 2017-05-12
6 Tobias Nicolaides Germany Discus D-9001 DS 15m 2017-06-10
7 MARIUS VINNY Polska Discus 2a SP-3929 AA 15m 2017-05-20
8 Wittig Lothar Germany Discus 2c D-1026 WZ 15m 2017-06-18
9 Zdzisław Bednarczuk Polska ASG-29E SP-3818 ZB 18m 2017-06-20
10 Bogdan Nowacki Polska ventus 2CxM D_KBBN BN 18m 2017-06-21
11 Stanislaw Nowicki Polska ASH26E D-KFMS SN 18m 2017-06-26
12 Janusz Centka PL ASG29E G-HEBB HE 18m 2017-06-22
13 Arkadiusz Stefańczyk Poland Duo Discus XLT D-KSCR POL 15m 2017-06-28
14 Stephen Crabb Ireland ASG29E D-KPSC C65 18m 2017-06-25
15 Juliusz Bohatyrewicz Polska Ventus 2cT SP-0057 JK 18m 2017-06-26
16 Tomasz Chudoment Chudoment Polska JS1C ZS-GBP B52 18m 2017-06-27
17 Paweł Frąckowiak Polska ARCUS D-KKKO KO 18m 2017-06-25
18 Christoph Matkowski PL tbd tbd tbd 15m 2017-06-25
19 Tomasz Dul Poland ASG 29 E D-KTSC DT 18m 2017-06-25
20 Mirosław Hołyś Poland JS 1 C ZS-GBH M 18m 2017-06-25
21 Robert Ślęczkowski Poland Ventus 3T D-KHAT AT 18m 2017-06-25
22 Andrzej Majewski PL tbd tbd tbd 18m 2017-06-25
23 Marek Chamera Polska tbd tbd tbd 18m 2017-06-29
24 Krzysztof Łuniewski Polska ASG 29E D-KCEI 29 18m 2017-07-01
25 Jan Krzyżanowski Polska LS8-a D-4282 MP 15m 2017-07-01
26 Przemysław Bartczak Poland LS8 SP-3893 A 15m 2017-07-04
27 Maciej Adamski PL LAK 19T SP-3706 HM 18m 2017-07-05
28 Grzegorz Łubkowski Poland DG600 SP-3713 SU 15m 2017-07-07
29 Stułkowski Paweł Polska ASW-24 SP-6241 MT 15m 2017-07-16
30 Dariusz Pietraszkiewicz Poland DG808S HB 3398 VN 18m 2017-08-11