International Gliding Competition
18m and 15m Class
August 14 - 24, 2014
Leszno, Poland

Winners of the day:
Krzysztof Łuniewski
glider:ASG 29E
Marius Vinny
glider:Discus 2a


Online registration is available for all pilots starting from 1st January 2014.
Please follow carefully all online instructions in order to be registered by 10th July 2014 as the latest.
The entry will only be accepted when full entry fee, according to Bulletin no.1, has been credited to the Aeroklub Leszno account.

Number of Entries

The number of entries during Leszno Cup 2014 will be limited to a maximum of 50 gliders in a class and a maximum of 100 gliders in all classes plus winners of the last Leszno Cup competition. In case of more entries than these limits, the organiser reserves the right to reduce the number of entries by using selection criteria in folowing priority order:
1. The number of Leszno Cup competitions flown in the past;
2. The pilot's actual IGC Ranking List position as by 10th July 2014. 

Winners of Leszno Cup 2013 are automatically qualified and will be admitted in addition to the above limits, but they must, however, follow the online registration procedures as other pilots. We trust you understand that such criteria must have been introduced in order to deal with the possible over registration in a fair way.


no. name: country: glider type: Reg. No. Contest No. class acceptance
1 Kamil Wójcik Poland LS8 d-dkdk IWI 15m 0000-00-00
2 Marek Szumski Poland ASG29E D-KMHD HD 18m 2013-12-24
3 Piotr Pawłowski Poland ASG29E SP-3787 PES 18m 2013-12-30
4 Zdzisław Bednarczuk Poland ASG-29E SP-3818 ZB 18m 2014-01-01
5 Andrzej Smielkiewicz Poland ASG29E Tbd A2 18m 2013-12-29
6 Pawel Frackowiak Poland LAK17BT LY-AWR 77 18m 2013-12-31
7 Marcin Mężyk Polska Asg 29e Sp- ?? 18m 2014-01-01
8 bogdan nowacki poland ventus 2CxM D-KBBN BN 18m 2014-01-02
9 Andrzej Majewski PL Lak 19T SP-3732 Kl 15m 2014-01-04
10 Tomasz Dul Polen ASG 29e D-KTSC DT 18m 2014-01-04
11 Marius Vinny Poland Discus 2a N222EP EP 15m 2014-01-07
12 Paweł Krakowski Plska Ventus 2C OK - 0501 CZ 15m 2014-01-12
13 Krzysztof Czyszewicz Poland Lak 17at D-KEND SiS 15m 2014-01-16
14 Juliusz Bohatyrewicz Poland Ventus 2ct SP-0057 JK 18m 2014-01-20
15 Dariusz Czech POLSKA LAK 19 SP-3712 DC 15m 2014-02-10
16 Jerzy Mikołajczyk Poland jantar 2std MS MS 15m 2014-02-25
17 Przemek Losko Poland Jantar Std SP-2959 MA 15m 2014-03-14
18 Kajoch Jarosław Poland Ventus 2 cT D-KGMM MM 18m 2014-04-23
19 Krzysztof Łuniewski POLSKA ASG 29E D-KTKL 29L 18m 2014-05-23
20 Dariusz Pietraszkiewicz Poland SZD 55 SP-3637 SD 15m 2014-06-09
21 Robert Sleczkowski Poland TBD TBD TBD 18m 2014-06-17
22 Arkadiusz Stefańczyk Poland SZD-55-1 SP-3859 AS 15m 2014-06-25
23 Paweł Wojciechowski Polska ASG 29 D-8024 PL 18m 2014-06-29
24 Damian Ćwiękała PL S-10VT Stemme D-KNLA LA 15m 2014-06-30
25 Maciej Adamski Polska LAK19T SP-3706 HM 15m 2014-07-06
26 Stanisław Nowicki Polen ASH 26E D-KFMS I 18m 2014-07-14
27 Rory Ellis United Kingdom ASG 29 G-NYNE 9 18m 2014-07-16
28 Mirosław Hołyś Polska JS 1C ZS-GBH M 18m 2014-08-11